100 people, who were the first ones to believe in the idea of Lithuania of 4 million Lithuanians around the world ended up on commemorative postage stamps

Jul 02, 2018

With the moment when the Lithuanians throughout the world will unite singing “Tautiška Giesmė” (the National Anthem) approaching, Lietuvos Paštas (the Lithuanian Post) introduced the commemorative block of postage stamps “Pasaulio Lietuva” (English: Lithuania of the World). Its uniqueness lies in the fact that for the first time Lithuanian postage stamps feature personalities scattered all over the world, who live and create for Lithuania today, rather than some people from the past.

The postage stamp block “Lithuania of the World” consists of 6 postage stamps of the nominal value of EUR 1.

“It is very symbolic that for the first time Lietuvos Paštas celebrating 100th anniversary of its activity this year paid tribute to 100 people who live not only in Lithuania but also throughout the world and whose works bring together Lithuania of the world rather than commemorating some historical personalities. This is a special thanks for strengthening and fostering Lithuanianness and a reminder that the boundaries of our nation are much broader than those drawn on the map”, said Asta Sungailienė, CEO of Lietuvos Paštas, at the presentation of the postage stamp block “Lithuania of the World”.

Faces of 20 people whose daily works contributed for the benefit of Lithuania selected by the special commission landed on the postage stamp block. These people include the Metropolitan Archbishop of Vilnius Gintaras Grušas, the artist Jonas Mekas, the Olympic swimming champion Rūta Meilutytė, the musician Jurgis Didžiulis, the writer Rūta Šepetys, the poet Tomas Venclova and other fosterers of Lithuanianness well-known in Lithuania and throughout the world.

Another 80 spots on the postage stamps are designated for people having put in the most effort inviting four million Lithuanians living around the world to sing the National Anthem together on the 6th of July of this year - the Statehood Day (which marks the coronation of King Mindaugas of Lithuania). The contest was attended by participants from Japan, South Africa, Vietnam, Singapore, China, Guernsey and many other countries.

“These are the people who were the first ones to believe in the idea of Lithuania of 4 million Lithuanians and started to bring it together. The idea of Lithuania, which is big in mutual relations between compatriots around the world rather than in the territory which it occupies. In order to be surely called the nation of 4 million people, we have to invite another few hundred thousand Lithuanians abroad in the week remaining till the singing of the anthem. Now the ball is in the hands of ordinary people - they need to call or write to a distant relative, acquaintance or a buddy abroad unseen for a long time. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary, we have to remember every single Lithuanian, regardless of the time he or she has spent away from Lithuania, and invite him or her to celebrate together”, said Raimundas Daubaras, the leader of the initiatives “Lithuania 4.000.000” and “Tautiška Giesmė around the World”. 

Aistė Trepkevičienė featured on the postage stamp was happy about having responded to the initiative and having had the opportunity to contribute to bringing Lithuanians together.

“When inviting Lithuanians from different corners of the world to join the campaign, I experienced many good emotions myself. Such initiatives are beautiful, unconventional and meaningful. I think that encouraging Lithuanians to sing the National Anthem is only a part of the important efforts that we must take in fostering Lithuanianness. Therefore, I wish to constantly strive and not to stop looking for new and exciting ways to do this”, - said the woman.

The first day cover was released along with the new postage stamp block designated for giving meaning to the centenary of the restoration of the state of Lithuania.

Those who wanted to take part in the contest and to be featured on the unique postage stamp had to register on the initiative’s website at and send invitations to their Lithuanian friends or their descendants around the world to sing the National Anthem on the 6th of July - the State Day. Virtual points were assigned for each confirmed invitation. Participants in the initiative having collected the most points competed for the opportunity to see their image on the postage stamp.

The public limited liability company Lietuvos Paštas and the initiative “Lithuania 4.000.000” organized the contest for being featured on the postage stamp block “Lithuania of the World”.

The public limited liability company Lietuvos Paštas has the widest and densest network of postal access points in the country. Lietuvos Paštas provides postal, logistic and financial intermediation services. Lietuvos Paštas releases 25-27 postage stamps per year.