90% of Postal Items are Delivered in One Day

Oct 31, 2013

Lithuania Post’s data for the recent 9 months says that 9 items out of 10 sent within Lithuania have been delivered to addressees within one business day. The results exceed the requirements set for the postal operator, i.e. to deliver 85% of items within one business day.

“Since the beginning of the current year, the company’s quality performance results have shown rise with a peak in August reaching 94%. The results demonstrate that we are capable to fulfil the customer’s needs despite fully liberalized market conditions as of the beginning of this year,” Lithuania Post’s Head of Postal Network Division Inga Dunduliene said.

Ms Dunduliene notes that more and more people tend to register their items sent both domestically and abroad. In such a case the customer is given a unique code enabling to track and trace the item.

When valuable items are posted, Lithuania Post recommends insuring them. In case the item is damaged or lost in the course of transportation, the company will pay compensation in the amount of postage and will indemnify in full the amount of insured value.

To ensure delivery on time, Lithuania Post is drawing the citizens’ attention to proper addressing. When putting the address, it is necessary to give not only the correct address, but the postcode as well. When sending abroad, the destination country’s name should be capitalized and given in the language of the destination country or English/French.

In Lithuania, postal items are delivered within 1 business day, and 2-3 business days elapse when sending abroad.

The Public Limited Company Lietuvos paštas runs the widest network of postal access points in Lithuania. Lithuania Post also provides logistic, financial intermediation, and electronic services.