The Baltic Sea will be Protected with the Help of New Stamps

Jun 09, 2014

The Baltic Sea is one of the most contaminated seas in the world. To draw the public‘s attention to this problem, Lithuania Post is going to release a postage stamp dedicated to the Baltic Sea. The new stamp will be put into circulation on Saturday, May 24.

The stamp Save the Baltic Sea Has been created by the artist Martyna Stasiulionytė. The stamp with the nominal value of LTL 2.90 will be released in the edition of 80 thousand copies.

Along with the stamp, the first day cover and a booklet will be released. On Saturday letter-post items paid by the stamp dedicated to the Baltic Sea will be marked by the first day cancellation at Klaipėda Main Post Office.

The Baltic Sea is the youngest world‘s sea and contains the smallest concentration of salts. The coast of the sea is one of the most beautiful coasts in Europe famous for diversity of banks, white beach sand and amber, the gold of North washed ashore by its waters. The amber scattered along the beach, being washed by waves, attract numbers of people wishing to experience the romance of search and discovery.

Regretfully, due to specific geographical, climatic, and oceanographic conditions the Baltic Sea is very sensitive to human activities. Because of oil spills, intensive fishing, contaminants from soil (large amounts of nutrients coming from agricultural and industrial sectors) and very intensive navigation, this is the most endangered ecosystems in the world.

On average, Lithuania Post releases 25-30 postage stamps in the course of a year. Lithuania Post also provides courier, logistics, and financial intermediation services.