Contest to Design Postage Stamps and Postcards Announced

Oct 31, 2013

Lithuania Post is re-announcing the contest to design a stamp on the topic Lithuanian Military Uniforms and the pre-paid postcard Holy Christmas and New Year. Also, a new contest to design a stamp on the topic The 80th Anniversary of S.Darius and S.Girėnas Transatlantic Flight has been announced.

The draft designs of stamps and pre-paid postcards should be submitted before the 25th of March to the address:

AB Lietuvos pašto Pašto ženklų leidybos departamentui
J. Jasinskio g. 16
03500 Vilnius

The winners of the contest will receive monetary awards. The first place winner having designed one stamp will receive 1000 litas; respectively, the second place winner will receive 750 litas, the third place winner – 450 litas. The first place winner having designed a pre-paid postcard will receive a monetary prize of 1500 litas. 1000 litas will be awarded to the second place winner, 750 litas – to the third place winner.

The winners of the stamp design contest have been elected by a special commission consisting of the representatives from the Ministry of Transport and Communications and Lithuania Post as well as artists, historians, and specialists from other areas.

In 2013, Lithuania Post will release in total 25 stamps on such topics as Chinese New Year, Famous People, Technical Monuments, The Red Book of Lithuania, Postcrossing, The National Bird of Lithuania, Science Achievements, Holy Christmas and New Year.