Cosmonautics in Postage Stamps in the Exhibition of Vilnius Main Post Office

Oct 31, 2013

Today, celebrating the International Aviation and Cosmonautics Day, Vilnius Main Post Office opens a postage stamp exhibition on cosmonautics. The exhibits have been presented by an outstanding Lithuanian philatelist Henrikas Kebeikis.

Several hundreds of exhibits feature the four themes – Lithuania and the Universe, Wait for our Star, A View to the Moon, and Space Ways of Astronauts. It took several decades to collect exhibits from around world.

Visitors will be able to see postage stamps, postcards, envelopes, and photographs on cosmonautics that have received numerous prestigious international awards.

Along with the photographs, the iconographic part of the exhibition Lithuania and the Universe presents descriptions of people and events featured in the pictures collected by the philatelist.

Mr Kebeikis has been engaged in the collection of postage stamps for almost half a century - since 1961. Under the influence of Yuri Gagarin’s spaceflight, the young student of the former Kaunas Polytechnic Institute started to collect postage stamps. The Flight to the Space is the dominant theme of postage stamps collected by Mr Kebeikis.

The collector also collects postage stamps and postcards depicting bridges from Lithuania and other countries worldwide.

For his collections, Mr Kebeikis has received over 80 awards in different countries.

The exhibition on cosmonautics will run in Vilnius Main Post Office until April 28.