The Day of Astronautics will be Commemorated by an Exceptional Exhibition on Chinese Space Programme

Apr 15, 2014

On the 12th of April, the International Day of Aviation and Astronautics is celebrated. To mark this occasion, Lithuania Post is inviting all citizens and guests of Vilnius City to visit the new philatelic exhibition on astronautics hosted by Vilnius Main Post Office.

This time visitors of the exhibition will get acquainted with the exhibition of Juozas Urbonas, philatelist from Kaunas, on the theme the Chinese Space Programme.

“Why I started collecting stamps on the Chinese Space Programme? When I started collecting various exhibits I had chosen unknown themes. The Chinese Space Programme was the right one. On the other hand, this topic has a symbolic meaning to me: I used to serve in the army in the Tien Shan Mountains close to the border of China,” Mr Urbonas said. He started collecting exhibits for this collection ten years ago.

The author of the exhibition is glad that he had an opportunity to correspond with three philatelists from China who helped to enrich his collection and reveal the whole development of the Chinese space. China’s Space Programme proved that it was of the same level as Russia and the USA were; also, China is the third country in the world in terms of achievements in the spheres of astronautic science and technics.

Visitors of the exhibition arranged by Mr Urbonas will see over 300 stamps, postcards, and envelopes from around the world revealing the theme of Chinese astronautics. The philatelic set reflects almost the whole development of Chinese space. Also, the exhibition contains especially precious and rare exhibits such as a stamp of yellow colour, autographs of Chinese astronauts, and etc.

The philatelic exhibition the Chinese Space Programme will be open until April 26 at Vilnius Main Post Office.

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