Disrepair Letter-boxes – one of the main Obstacles for Mail Delivery

Oct 31, 2013

Based on Lithuania Post’s estimations, every third letter-box at registered addresses is in the state of disrepair or is not installed at all. This is one of the main reasons for failure to perform proper delivery of items, subscribed periodicals, and other types of information to citizens.

“Presently, there are more than 1.8m registered addresses in Lithuania. We have estimated that every third addressee in the country has a disrepair letter-box for incoming deliveries or has no a letter-box installed. Speaking of companies, the situation is even worse:  only every second company has a letter-box,” Directress of Postal Network Division of Lithuania Post Inga Dundulienė said.

According to Ms Dundulienė, it is difficult for postmen to deliver postal correspondence, periodicals, and other information to residents and companies if letter-boxes are in the state of disrepair or are absent at all. As a consequence, the addressees may suffer inconveniences.

Lithuania Post is striving to ensure quality delivery of correspondence, periodicals, and other notices; therefore, both citizens and companies are invited to install or repair old or inappropriate for use letter-boxes for incoming deliveries.

Letter-boxes must have locks and be firmly attached to the house’ wall, fence, or stand. Letter-boxes must be installed in places that can be easily accessed by postmen: in every staircase of apartment houses, not higher than on the first floor; owners of individual houses should install boxes for incoming deliveries at the entrance to their land plots; in the case of enterprises, institutions, organisations, letter-boxes should be installed at the main entrances; in gardeners’ societies – at the main entrances (driveways) into the garden area.

Everyone who has no a letter-box is invited by Lithuania Post to join the program “Take Care of Your Letters!” Everyone having registered at the website of Lithuania Post at will take part in a lottery with a prize pot of 150 letter-boxes. The lottery is open to everyone: citizens, companies, organizations, and gardener’s societies. The winners will be announced on the 30th of September.

Lithuania Post wishes to remind that according to the Postal Law of the Republic of Lithuania the addressees are responsible for the installation and condition of letter-boxes.

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