Domestic Postal Items Volumes Increased by a Fifth

Aug 25, 2016

More than 27 million items were sent and received via Lithuania Post during the first half of the year. Compared with the same period last year, a number of items sent in the country has increased by almost a fifth.


More than 20 million postal items were sent via Lithuania Post within the country this half-year, i.e. by 18 per cent more than during the same period last year. "The biggest impact for an increased flow of postal items has e-trade. In recent years, online shopping has become increasingly popular. Abundantly sent purchases from e-stores, and exchange of clothing and other items, which has become progressively popular among residents, annually increase the volume of items" - the Directress of Postal Operations Division Rasa Radzeviciene said.

The number of items received from abroad during the first six months has slightly dropped – by 6 per cent. The vast majority of items continue to arrive from China. Postal items coming from China via Lithuania Post account for nearly a half- 46 per cent – of all international postal items. After, there is Poland (11 per cent), Germany (6 per cent) and Holland (5 per cent).

 Meanwhile, directions of outgoing postal items from Lithuania to foreign countries have not changed for the past few years. "A majority of items sent from our country go to countries having numerous communities of Lithuanian emigrants: Great Britain, the USA, Poland, and Latvia" - Mrs. Radzeviciene said.

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