Everyone can become the Author of a Stamp

Oct 31, 2013

Lithuania Post is announcing the stamp design contest 2014 open, and everyone is invited to create postage stamps. All in all, 19 postage stamps and two souvenir sheets will be released.

Lithuania Post’s Head of Philatelic Department Ervinas Vaišnoras said:

“One of the company’s goals is to have as many people as possible involved into the design of postage stamps. We wish every citizen to have a possibility to become the author of a stamp; therefore, everyone is encouraged to send designs for the contest of the stamps of 2014. If the stamp catches the commission’s eye, not only the stamp will be released, but the author will also receive a monetary prize.”

The designs for the stamps of 2014 can be submitted before August 23on the following themes: 300th Birth Anniversary of Kristijonas Donelaitis, Winter Olympic Games. Sochi, Chinese New Year, Shrove TuesdayMasks, 25th Anniversary of Vytautas Magnus University Restoration, 10th Anniversary of Lithuania's Accession to NATO, The Red Book of Lithuania, 10th Anniversary of Lithuania's Accession to the EU, Europe. The National Musical Instruments, Save the Baltic Sea, Lithuanian National Minorities. The Karaites, 90th Anniversary of the First Lithuania Song Festival.

Before November 18, the designs on the following themes can be submitted: 25th Anniversary of the Baltic Chain of Freedom, 500th Anniversary of the Battle of Orsha, 50th Anniversary of the First Heart Surgery in Lithuania, Holy Christmas and New Year.

The address to submit the designs is:

AB Lietuvos paštas
Philatelic Department
J. Jasinskio g. 16
03500 Vilnius
For the contest (the theme to be indicated)

The winner of the first place having created one postage stamp will receive LTL 1 000; respectively, the winners of the second and third places will receive LTL 750 and LTL 450. The winning author of two postage stamps will receive LTL 1 500. Respectively, the second place winner will receive LTL 1 000 and LTL 750.

The author of the best souvenir sheet with a perforated stamp will receive LTL 1 500, and the winners of the second and third places will receive respectively LTL 1 000 and LTL 750.

The themes of the stamps and souvenir sheets of 2014 and the contest’s terms and conditions are published on the website of Lithuania Post at