The first postage stamps of 2012 are to be issued

Oct 31, 2013

On the 7th of January, AB Lietuvos paštas will put into circulation the first postage stamps of 2012. Nine new stamps in all will be available to Lithuania Post customers and collectors from that day.

On the next Saturday six postage stamps from the continuous series Lithuanian Folk Music Instruments and three postage stamps from the continuous series Coats of Arms of Lithuania Towns are to be issued.

The postage stamps dedicated to Lithuanian folk music instruments - wooden panpipe, clay pipe, bladderbow bass, alder bark trumpet, traditional plucked string instrument kanklės of Suvalkija, and cowhorn reed-pipe were designed by the artist Irma Balakauskaitė. The face value of these postage stamps varies from 0.1 to 2.15 LTL, their total edition is 4.2m copies.

The other three stamps depict the coats of arms of Kalvarija, Kavarskas, and Naujoji Akmenė. The nominal value of stamps with the image of coats of arms of Kalvarija and Kavarskas is 1.35 LTL, Naujoji Akmenė - 2.45 LTL. Each of these postage stamps will be issued in edition of 100,000.

Together with the new postage stamps the first day cover will be issued too. On the 7th of January, postal correspondence items paid by the new postage stamps will be cancelled with the first day issue cancel in Vilnius Region Main Post Office. Different date stamps were designed for each series.   

Lithuania Post issues an average of 25-30 different postage stamps per year. Lithuania Post also provides logistic, financial intermediation, and electronic services.