A Golden Collection of Postage Stamps in Vilnius Main Post Office

Oct 31, 2013

Lithuania Post is inviting the enthusiasts of philately to visit an exhibition of an outstanding philatelist Henrikas Kebeikis. In the exhibition ‘Postage Tariffs of Lithuania Post 1990-1996’ hosted by Vilnius Main Post Office, Mr Kebeikis is presenting his collection awarded in an international philatelic exhibition by the Great Gold Medal.

The exhibition displays almost 100 envelopes with postage stamps of different values. This is one of the most valuable and interesting philatelic collections of Mr Kebeikis, who started building up this collection in 1990, when the first Lithuanian postage stamps of different values appeared in circulation.

In the international exhibition Belfila 2011 arranged in Gomel (Belarus) the collection was awarded the highest prize - the Great Gold Medal. Also, the collection has received prestigious awards in exhibitions staged in the USA and Poland.

Mr Kebeikis has been engaged in the collection of postage stamps for almost half a century - since 1961. Then the young student of Kaunas Polytechnic Institute was inspired by Yuri Gagarin’s space flight. The flight of human being into space is a dominant topic of postage stamps collected by Mr Kebeikis.

The collector also collects postage stamps and envelopes featuring the bridges of Lithuania and other countries worldwide.

More than 80 awards from different countries have been given for Mr Kebeikis’ collections.

The collection of postage stamps ‘Postage Tariffs of Lithuania Post 1990-1996’ will run until January 7.