Letters will again Invite to Participate in DANSKE BANK Vilnius Marathon

Oct 31, 2013

This is the second subsequent year when Lithuania Post is inviting all citizens to test their endurance in DANSKE BANK Vilnius Marathon. On August 29-31, in Vilnius Main Post Office, postal correspondence items will be marked by a souvenir cancellation.

“For the employees of Lithuania Post, participation in one of the biggest sport events in Lithuania is becoming a beautiful tradition. We not only build our team, but we also wish to spread the virus of running among as many people as possible; therefore, it is the second year when we are inviting everybody to test oneself in Lithuania Post relay,” Head of Marketing and Communication Department of Lithuania Post Rasa Kruopaitė-Lalienė said.

In the middle of the cancellation, Lithuania Post‘s and the marathon‘s logos are featured. The logos are surrounded by the wording “Susitikime Lietuvos pašto estafetėje! 2013 rugsėjo 15“ (Let‘s meet at Lithuania Post‘s relay! 2013 September 15).

“It is not the first year of our partnership with Lithuania Post. The company helps us to promote and form running culture and ensures that on the day of the event participants come to the start line with no problems. The souvenir cancellation is marking the tenth anniversary of DANSKE BANK Vilnius Marathon and is inviting both amateurs and professionals to respond to the personal challenge or compete in the relay of Lithuania Post,” Director of  the public undertaking Tarptautinis maratonas Darius Mikulis said.

Postal correspondence items will be marked by the souvenir cancellation during business hours of the post office. The souvenir cancellation mark is put in the empty area of the envelope or item, and postage stamps are cancelled the date cancellation.

The Public Limited Company Lietuvos paštas runs the widest network of access points in Lithuania. Lithuania Post also provides logistic, financial intermediation, and electronic services.