Lithuania Post Applies One of the Lowest Prices in Europe

Oct 31, 2013

From November 1, Lithuania Post sets a clear definition of letter-post items, i.e. letters. Items with dimensions or weight exceeding the set requirements will be treated as postal parcels.

“Until now, residents used letter-post items to send various goods – alimentary products, apparel, footwear, domestic appliances, and the like. Since November 1, we set clear standards for letters and parcels. Various articles cannot be sent in letter-post items. They have to be sent in postal parcels,” Inga Dundulienė, directress of Postal Network Division of Lithuania Post, said.

According to Ms Dundulienė, the senders have been charged considering only the item’s weight, not taking into account its dimensions. Due to this reason, the amount paid by Lithuania Post to postal operators in other countries very often exceeded the amount paid by the sender.

Starting from November 1, postal items weighting above 2kg or dimensions of which exceed 350x260x20mm will be registered as postal parcels. The tariffs for postal services will not be changed. Like before, letters and parcels will be sent applying currently valid prices that are one of the lowest in Europe.

On the initiative of a unit of European Commission conducting supervision and regulation of domestic markets, the independent consulting company WIK Consult has carried out a study on service tariffs applied by postal operators in Europe*.

Comparing the prices for domestic priority items, Lithuania Post takes the 8th place among the postal operators applying the lowest price.

Considering the lowest prices applied by every European postal operator, the price for postal items up to 5kg in Lithuania is also one of the lowest in Europe, and comparing the prices for outgoing postal parcels Lithuania is in the second place among the countries with the lowest prices.

At the beginning of 2013, Lithuania has fully liberalized the postal market, and Lithuania Post is working under the same business conditions along with other postal service providers. In Lithuania, 75 companies provide postal services.

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The Public Limited Company Lietuvos paštas runs the widest network of postal access points in Lithuania. Lithuania Post provides postal, logistic, and financial intermediation services.