Lithuania Post has become a Sponsor of the Safe School Program

Oct 31, 2013

The data of the non-governmental organization Save the Children says that more than a half of Lithuanian schoolchildren face with abuse, and the same part mocks at others. About one fifth of schoolchildren experience physical abuse. Aiming to encourage school communities to fight abuse and violence, the organization Save the Children is proceeding with the project Safe School and starts cooperation with AB Lietuvos paštas.

Since now on, the post offices throughout the country will offer to buy children books and CDs bearing special labels. 1 litas for each purchased book will be donated to the Safe School program. All in all, 27 schools will be involved into the Safe School Program this year.

“Ten years have already passed since the Strategy for Child WelfareState Policy was launched in Lithuania. Along with the strategy, more than one prevention program on abuse against children and assistance to children has been developed, but the situation is not getting better. Every year 540 children commit suicide. Due to this reason, we want to encourage school communities to assess the situation and adopt solutions that suit them best to prevent abuse and violence against children. The support from the sponsor’s side in carrying out this mission is very important to us,“ Rasa Dičpetrienė, director general of the organization Save the Children, said.

Lithuania Post‘s Head of Marketing and Communication Department Rasa Kruopaitė-Lalienė said:

“Lithuania Post pays a special attention to social projects. Abuse at schools is one of the greatest problems of nowadays; therefore, we are taking actions to make the school safe for every child. We hope that all residents will actively join this project.”

The exclusiveness of the Safe School is in the participants: the whole school community is involved into activities – managers, teachers, administration, schoolchildren, and parents as well as representatives of local municipalities, the police, press, the social partners of schools. “This is the way to raise consciousness and responsibility of the program participants, and the number of works implemented depends on the participants‘ capabilities and wishes. In the course of the first two years, with participation of 27 schools from various municipalities of Lithuania, we found out that the school must receive tools, and then its community will create a model that suits it best and gives good results,“ Inga Šablinskienė, project manager of Save the Children organization, said.

According to Ms Šablinskienė, the model of Safe School is coherent with other abuse prevention programmes. It can also be successfully applied in those schools that implement other abuse prevention programs. Following this model, the school‘s community learns how to assess the threat of abuse, how to make a plan considering the problem nature and extent, how to make regular assessment of effectiveness of the plan, and etc.

About Save the Children

The non-governmental, non-religious and non-political organization Save the Children whose primary function is to advocate for child’s rights was established in 1991. Today it has 21 structural units in 20 Lithuanian cities and districts. The organization carries out activities in the main 4 areas:reduction of violence against children and child abuse, reduction of children social neglect and institualization, education on issued related with child‘s rights, strengthening of the organization‘s capability and financial stability. Save the Children is the only organization is in North-East Europe being the real member of the International organization Save the Children.

About AB Lietuvos paštas

The Public Limited Company Lietuvos paštas runs the widest network of access points in Lithuania to provide postal services. Lithuania Post also provides logistic, financial intermediation, and electronic services.