Lithuania post implemented the Mobile Postman Service

Oct 09, 2017

In rural areas, where population is rapidly decreasing, Lithuania post changed service provision method from brick and mortar to technology based one. In other words, trained and with modern technology equipped postman is available to perform all functions that was covered by postal office. Moreover, aforementioned solution expanded the availability of services – now postmen could be requested via phone to client’s premises.  The new service, which is available in twelve municipalities of the country, not only provided people with new opportunities of using postal services with ease, but also allowed fundamentally improving the working conditions of rural postmen.


What happened? 

  • Seventy-seven rarely visited stationary post offices in poor condition and short working hours were closed.
  • Stationary post offices functions were covered by 124 mobile postmen, who provide all postal services at client’s premises or at designated service provision locations.
  • Mobile postmen have modern work equipment: tablets with special software for postmen, mobile phones, portable receipt printers, scales, and other equipment.
  • Mobile postmen constantly improve their knowledge and competences during remote and direct training.
  • Mobile postmen provide postal services in locations that are most convenient for the residents: at home, when a postman is requested by phone in advance; at predefined time in central locations;
  • Last-mile didn’t changed: mobile postman delivers mail and parcels, periodicals, pensions or social benefits to client’s premises.

From the Lithuania post as employer perspective, it should be noted that upgraded IT literacy skills of employees improved Lithuania post competitiveness between employers.

“Clients are able to order mobile postman services by simply calling or sending an e-mail request to Lithuania post information centre. Afterwards mobile postman would visit client at his premises and provide the service that is needed. This innovation is positively accepted by local communities and municipalities, mobile postman is able to provide services, which before used to be available only at stationary post offices... Moreover, new operating model allowed to cut operating costs by 15% while increasing mobile postmen wages up to 20%. I am pleased to note that this radical change made postal services more acceptable from client’s perspective and more flexible from company’s perspective”, - said Mikas Jovaišas, Head of Strategy and Business Development at Lithuania post. 

Survey results showed that 8 out of 10 respondents, who used mobile postmen service, rated it as “good” or “very good”.

Main reasons that led to new operating model:

  • The volume of postal services provided in rural areas has decreased by 10% since 2014
  • People with various disabilities are not able to go to the nearest post office.
  • Inefficient rural post infrastructure. Post offices are in poor condition and require significant investment.
  • Lack of working power in the regions. Due to not attractive working conditions it is difficult to hire employees.

M. Jovaišas noted that mobile postmen may also contribute to improving the social sustainability of communities: “Lithuania post and various non-governmental organisations cooperate to exploit mobile postmen operating model with regard to social services, e.g. inform responsible authorities and police about noticed disasters or other social risks”, - noted the Head of Strategy and Business Development at Lithuania post.