Lithuania Post to Release Stamps Dedicated to Christmas and New Year

Nov 11, 2013

Lithuania Post is already inviting citizens to plan their Christmas greetings. On November 9, Saturday, two new stamps will be put into circulation. The stamps are dedicated to Christmas and New Year. Also, on Saturday, the largest post offices will start selling special pre-paid winter holiday postcards.

The author of the two stamps created for winter season is Greta Gruzdaitytė. The nominal values of the stamps are LTL 1.35 and LTL 2.45, for domestic and international items respectively. The stamp with the nominal value of LTL 1.35 will be released in the edition of 700 000 copies. The stamp with the nominal value of LTL 2.45 will be issued in the edition of 200 000 copies.

Along with the stamps, the first day cover will be released. On Saturday at Vilnius Main Post Office letter-post items paid by the new stamps will be marked by the first day cancellation.

Starting from this Saturday, special pre-paid Christmas and New Year postcards will be available for purchase at the largest post offices. Pre-paid postcards are special for postage stamps already printed on the postcard. The sender does not need to purchase and affix postage stamps.

The author of the postcards is Marija Stanevičiūtė. The postcards have been printed in Lithuania and bear the stamps with nominal values intended for domestic and international items.

On average, Lithuania Post issues 25-30 postage stamps. Lithuania Post also provides courier, logistics, and financial intermediation services.