LP EXPRESS Couriers are Inviting to Assess their Work

Oct 31, 2013

After one year of activities, the couriers of LP EXPRESS are inviting to assess their work by participating in a special survey. Everyone having answered the questions will receive the right to send an item via the self-service terminal LP EXPRESS 24 free of charge.

Domas Sabaitis, director of the company Baltic Post, managing the brand of LP EXPRESS, said:

“One year has already passed since the first items have been delivered by LP EXPRESS couriers. We value the opinion of every customer, so everyone is invited to express his / her opinion. Only the awareness of our customers’ expectation will give grounds for our growth and development and enable to offer professional courier services.”

According to Mr Sabaitis, the aim of the survey is to receive feedback from every person having received an item from the LP EXPRESS courier; therefore, a special QR code will be used for this campaign.

As of August 28, LP EXPRESS courier items will bear special labels with QR codes. Scanning the code allows to connect to the link containing the LP EXPRESS survey.

Everyone having participated in the survey will be e-mailed a special code enabling to use the LP EXPRESS 24 service, i.e. send an item of S or M size to any addressee in Lithuania. One person will be allowed to participate in the survey only once.

LP EXPRESS is the only in Lithuania offering such a wide choice of delivery options. Items can be sent from more than 700 post offices, via LP EXPRESS couriers, or the self-service parcel terminals operational 24/7. Presently 71 LP EXPRESS 24 terminals are installed in 41 cities and towns; this is the widest network of self-service parcel terminals in Lithuania.