Modern equipment will enable faster delivery of postal items

Oct 31, 2013

New modern RFID gates were installed in Vilnius airport and Mail Sorting Department of Lithuania Post. The new equipment that cost nearly 60 thousand litas to Lithuania Post will ensure faster delivery of international priority postal items to recipients in Lithuania.

“RFID readers automatically record the acceptance and delivery times of international priority postal items, thus enabling postal operators to process and deliver postal items even faster, that is, improve operational quality,” said Kristina Survilė, head of Internal Control and Audit Department of Lithuania Post.

In the future, RFID systems also will be installed in regional post offices in order tracking process of postal items movement from their acceptance at Vilnius airport to delivery to recipients to be available.

Lithuania Post plc runs the widest network of postal access points in Lithuania. It also provides logistics, financial intermediation, and electronic services.