A New Philately Exhibition in Vilnius Main Post Office

Oct 31, 2013

From this day on, the Vilnius Main Post Office will host the exhibition presented by one of the most famous Lithuanian philatelists Henrikas Kebeikis. The exhibition namedThe Bridges Crossing Small Basin Tributaries to the River Neris shows various photographs and postcards featuring bridges across the River Neris and its 8 tributaries.

“The exposition will be interesting to everyone who cares about Lithuanian roads and bridges, their development and maintenance in the course of different historical periods.

The exhibition reminds the names of architects who built the bridges. It is very important to remember the works of Lithuanian road builders as their input into the country’s development is really immense,” the author of the exhibition H. Kebeikis said.

All in all, almost five hundred various photographs and postcards featuring 63 bridges are exhibited.

H. Kebeikis has been collecting postage stamps for almost half a century, since 1961. He started collecting postcards with bridges in 1963 after graduating from Kaunas Polytechnic Institute. The interest in such postcards strengthened in 1967 when H. Kebeikis conducted reconstruction works of Alytus A. Juozapavičius and Kaniūkai Bridges.

For all his collections H. Kebeikis has received more than 80 international awards.

The exhibition The Bridges Crossing Small Basin Tributaries to the River Neris will be open to the public until the 5th of January 2013.