A New Post Office in Business Centre Verslo trikampis

Oct 31, 2013

Today a new post office was opened in the Verslo trikampis Business Centre. The sub-office of the 9th Vilnius Post Office was moved from its previous place in A. Vivulskio St to J. Jasinskio St.

“Many companies that constantly use the postal services have their offices in this business centre. For the convenience of our customers, the post office has been moved closer to them,” CEO of Lithuania Post Lina Minderienė said.

In the new place the post office will have extended business hours. Since now the customers of the sub-office of the 9th Vilnius Post Office will receive postal services from 7:30 until 18:00 on business days. On weekends the post office will be closed.

In this sub-office, customers can send items, subscribe to periodicals, pay fees and charges, receive insurance or consumer credits, make use of leasing services, send and/or receive money orders.

After moving the sub post-office of the 9th Vilnius Post Office to the new premises, the customers in Naujamiestis District will further receive postal services. As usually, they will be served by the 9th Vilnius Post Office located at the address Vytenio g. 2 or the 6th Vilnius Post Office located in the shopping centre Maxima XXX at the address Mindaugo g. 11.

The Public Limited Company Lietuvos paštasruns the widest network of access points in Lithuania. Lithuania Post also provides logistic, financial intermediation and electronic services.