A New Postage Stamp Featuring the Uprising of 1863 to be Released

Oct 31, 2013

This year marks the 150th anniversary of a well-known and biggest uprising of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth against the Russian Empire. To mark the event of 1863, Lithuania Post is going to release a new postage stamp which will appear in circulation this Saturday, March 23.

The stamp “150th Anniversary of the Uprising of 1863” will be issued in the edition of 80 thousand with a nominal value of LTL 1,35. The stamp has been created by the painter Indrė Ratkevičiūtė.

The stamp features a fragment from the picture “The Rebels of 1863”, the work of Artur Grottger, the Polish painter, and the leader of the uprising Zigmantas Sierakauskas.

Along with the postage stamp, the first day cover and sheet will be released. On Saturday in Vilnius Main Post Office postal correspondence paid by the new stamp will be marked by the first day cancellation.

The uprising of 1863-1864 sparked off in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth against the Russian Empire and its national and social policy. The battles took place in the territories occupied by the Russian Empire: Poland, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and their ethnographic parts – Belarus and Ukraine.

The uprising started on January 22, 1863, therefore it carries the name of January Uprising. In Lithuania, the uprising sparked off in March 1863. The Russian occupant army finally suppressed the armed struggle in autumn of 1864.

321 battles with the Russian army took place in Lithuania. The tsar army in Vilnius Military District consisted of 145 thousand troops and 6 thousand Cossacks. A part of them participated in the suppression of the uprising. The proportion of forces in the battles usually was 1:10 or 1:20 in favour of Russia. In the course of the uprising, the Russian occupant government has sent 21 712 people to death, servitude, or exile.

In the course of a year, Lithuania Post issues about 25-30 postage stamps. Lithuania Post also provides courier, logistic and financial intermediation services.