The pensions of Finasta already available at PayPost outlets

Oct 31, 2013

The company Finasta Asset Management is inviting residents to get better acquainted with the changes in the pension system and conclude pension accumulation contracts under the second-tier pension programme at PayPost outlets, the network of financial services run by Lithuania Post.

Since now on, more detailed information on the reform of the second-tier pension system and possibility to conclude with Finasta a pension accumulation contract is available at 110 PayPost outlets established by Lithuania Post throughout the whole country to provide financial services. This is especially important to the residents of small towns with a poor choice of banking services, if compared with large cities.

Andrej Cyba, CEO of UAB Finasta Asset Management, said:

“There is a natural demand for our pension funds that has been generated in the market by good results: to compare the value change recorded from 2004 until 2013, the results of Finasta pension funds are the best in three out of four categories. Accordingly, it is very important to us to be close to residents and offer them a convenient and simple way to become our customers and start accumulating an additional pension right now.”

“We are always striving to offer our customers the services that are reliable and in need. It is gratifying that since now one can not only send or receive a money order, take a consumer credit, but also sign a pension accumulation contract. There are no doubts that this will give a freedom of choice to the residents of small towns,” Neringa Knyvienė, Head of Financial Services Department of Lithuania Post, said.

At the PayPost outlets contracts with Finasta Asset Management on accumulation of pensions can be concluded both by the residents who have never participated in the second-tier pension programme and the ones wishing to come to Finasta from other companies. The customers of Finasta already accumulating their pensions and having decided to supplement their pensions by voluntary contributions as of the beginning of 2014, they can come to the PayPost outlet and sign the agreement on payment of such contributions.

The staff of the PayPost outlets will provide everyone interested with all needed information and will give an advice on how to choose a pension fund meeting the resident’s needs best. More information is available on the website or at the PayPost outlets.