Postage Stamp Released to Commemorate the 150th Birth Anniversary of Vydūnas

Mar 19, 2018

Lithuania Post has released postage stamp “150th Birth Anniversary of Vydūnas”. The postage stamp which seeks to commemorate the creations of Vydūnas (1868–1953) and components related to his society was introduced into the market on 16 March.



The circulation of the new postage stamp is 30,000. It was designed by the Lithuanian painter Mikalojus Povilas Vilutis. Nominal value of the launched postage stamp amounts to EUR 0.94.

Vydūnas is a prominent figure of national revival in Lithuania. He encouraged national awareness-raising and developed critical thinking of Lithuanians through his creations. He once wrote: “The most important and key power of every nation is self-respect”. These days, it is necessary to remember the teachings of this great person, namely, to respect not only oneself but also one’s fellow countrymen who help create Lithuania of tomorrow.



The postage stamp created by the painter Mikalojaus Povilas Vilutis contains a few pronounced components. The main painting of the postage stamp was taken from the illustration of the painter Petras Rimša designed for the trilogy of Vydūnas’ plays “Enternal Fire” (Lith. Amžina Ugnis). To frame the postage stamp the component of book cover of  Vydūnas book “Tautos Gyvata” (Life of the Nation) was used. The left upper corner of the postage stamp features a detail – a decorative picture created by the painter Hugo Höppener used in Vydūnas’ books of the 20th century. An important element displayed under this decorative picture is the logo of  Vydūnas society the basis of which  is the mark which was used on cover pages or title pages of Vydūnas books in the beginning of the 20th century.

Lithuania Post releases 25-27 postage stamps annually. It also provides courier, logistical and financial intermediation services.