Postage Stamp will Remind about Lithuania’s Christianization

Oct 31, 2013

This year Lithuania celebrates the 625th anniversary of Christianization. To mark this occasion, on Saturday March 24, Lithuania Post is going to issue the stamp 625th Anniversary of Lithuania’s Christianization.

The new stamp features the scene from the Saint Pierre la Jeune fresco in the Strasbourg Church (France) depicting the countries having adopted Christianity. Lithuania is the last one.

The postage stamp dedicated to the 625th Anniversary of Lithuania’s Christianization will be issued in edition of 100 thousand copies with the nominal value of LTL 1.35. The stamp has been created by the artist Indrė Ratkevičiūtė.

Along with the stamp, the first day cover and the first day sheet will be issued. On Saturday in Vilnius Main Post Office all letter-post items paid by the new postage stamps will be marked with the first day cancellation.

In 1385, the Great Duchy of Lithuania and the Kingdom of Poland signed the Act of Krėva. The Act obliged the Great Duke of Lithuania Jogaila to convert himself and all pagan Lithuanians into Roman Catholicism. The next year Jogaila was baptized in Cracow, married the young Queen of Poland Jadwiga, and was crowned as the King of Poland.

625 yeas ago, in February of 1387, the King of Poland and the Great Duke of Lithuania Jogaila arrived in Vilnius and declared the main three acts legally grounding the Christianization of Lithuania.

The first christening service was held in Vilnius, and then in other localities of Lithuania. For christening, local people were invited to gather in one place. To speed up the service, people were baptized in groups giving one Christian name to the whole group.

In the course of a year, Lithuania Post issues 25-30 postage stamps on average. Lithuania Post also provides courier, logistic, and financial intermediation services.