Postage Stamps of 2013 to be Designed by 11 Artists

Oct 31, 2013

The postage stamps to be released in 2013 will be created by 11 artists. In total, 25 stamps will be put into circulation in the course of 2013.

With the end of the year, Lithuania Post is announcing the authors who will design the next year’s stamps. All in all, 11 artists will design the stamps of 2013: 4 stamps will be designed by the artist Mindaugas Gribauskas. Indrė Ratkevičiūtė, Eglė Jakutavičiūtė, Tomas Dragūnas, Eglė Ratkutė, Aušrelė Ratkevičienė will create 2 stamps each, and Evelina Paukštytė, Rolandas Grigaravičius, Vilius Bručas, and Laima Matuzonytė will create one stamp each. The artist Greta Gruzdaitytė will create the souvenir sheet and two postage stamps dedicated to the Holy Christmas and New Year.

The themes of the Holy Christmas and New Year, the Red Data Book of Lithuania, the Chinese New Year, Lithuanian National Olympics, Technical Monuments have received the greatest attention from the artist’s side. The commission has received the largest number of draft projects on these themes.

However, not all authors of the postage stamps to be released next year are already known. A supplementary contest will be announced to design the postage stamps on the following themes: Lithuanian Military Uniforms,600th Anniversary of Kaunas Cathedral Basilica, 80th Anniversary of S. Darius and S. Girėnas Transatlantic Flight. Also, artist will be invited to submit their designs of prepaid postcards on the theme the Holy Christmas and New Year.

The winners of the stamp design contest have received monetary awards. The first place winner having created one stamp has received 1000 litas. The second place winner has received 750 litas, and the third place winner – 450 litas. The author having presented the design of two stamps from a series or a souvenir sheet with three stamps has received an award of 1500 litas. The second place winner has received 1000 litas award, and the third place winner – 750 litas.

The first place winner among prepaid postcards designers will receive the award of 1500 litas. The second and third place winners will receive respectively 1000 litas and 750 litas.

The winners of the contest were selected by a special commission consisting of the representatives of the Ministry of Transport and Communications and Lithuania Post, artists, historians, and specialist from other spheres.

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