Postage Stamps to Remind the Postal Vehicles of the Past and Nowadays

Oct 31, 2013

On Saturday, April 27, new stamps from the series Europa will be put into circulation. The stamps are intended to commemorate postal vehicles.

The stamps designed by the painter Mindaugas Gribauskas feature two postal vehicles used in Lithuania: Moskvich 401 ran a half-a-century ago and currently in use Tazzari Zero. The nominal value of both stamps is LTL 2.45. The edition of the new stamps amounts to 80 thousand copies.

Along with the stamps, the first day cover and sheet will be released. On Saturday in Vilnius Main Post Office postal correspondence paid by the new stamps will be cancelled by the first day cancellation.

The postal history of Lithuania says that up to the 16th century letters and postal items were carried by couriers-riders.

In the 17th century, there were postal carriages running by unpaved roads from Lithuania to Moscow, Poland, Prussia, and Latvia. Gradually these roads developed into postal highroads. In the 19th century, the main means to transport mails was a postal wagon. More comfortable stagecoaches were used to run by the main highroads of Lithuania. With appearance of the railways, the importance of stagecoaches diminished.

A more comfortable means of transport – railways – was used in the independent Republic of Lithuania. The 3rd decade of the 20th century marks the beginning or air transport in Lithuania. During the World War II, the communications of Lithuania, including the postal transport, were destroyed. Since then, Lithuania’s communications activities were fully dependent on Russia.

Nowadays mails and postal items are transported by various means: air transport, railways, cars and other up-to-date means. In 2012, Lithuania Post was nearly the first company in Lithuania, which, apart from conventional petrol and diesel cars, started using a very economical and ecological means of transport – electric car.

In the course of a year, Lithuania Post issues on average 25-30 postage stamps. Lithuania Post also provides courier, logistic, and financial intermediation services.