The Salary Fund of Lithuania Post Employees is Being Increased

Sep 27, 2016

The state-owned Public Limited Company Lithuania Post is going to increase salaries paid to the employees working in postal and financial services rendering "PayPost" outlets starting with October. Overall, during the past two years, the Lithuania Post workers' salary fund has additionally increased to more than EUR 2,5M.


“Improving results of Lithuania Post activities and finances are a merit of the professional workers' team. An employee, who feels socially secure, is pleased with working conditions and feels the satisfaction of his/her work and professional activities, brings added value to the company.

Together with trade unions carrying out their activities within the company, we have entered into a collective agreement, which states that in order to improve working conditions and promote employees' motivation, workers' salaries shall be revised, and in case of favorable financial possibilities they shall be increased.

Last year, the salary fund was increased by EUR 1,5M and designated for the employees working in the lowest-paid positions in Lithuania Post, moreover, the salary fund of postal employees working in cities is going to be increased by additional EUR 850K this year," CEO of Lithuania Post Lina Minderienė said.

It is estimated that salaries are going to increase for more than 1,5K Lithuania Post employees: postmen, postmasters and customer service specialists, and sales managers of financial services rendering "PayPost" outlets.

"We wish to ensure a competitive salary for our employees, therefore, taking into account the changes in the labor market in urban areas, this time salaries are increased exclusively for postal workers in cities. It is very important that the company continues to meet the goals, then, having good financial results and the shareholder's approval, we can look into salaries of other position workers during the first half of next year," Mrs. Minderienė said.

Trade unions welcomed the fact that the social partnership that is cherished in the company ensures workers' interests. "Only appreciating employees and listening to their voice can guarantee an effective and successful work in the company. We are pleased that Lithuania Post share the fruits of good financial results with employees; salaries that have increased for the second year in a row prove it, and for the future, we hope a constant salaries and profit growth," Chairwoman of the Lithuanian Communication Workers Trade Union Regina Dvaržeckytė said.

"We have no doubt that the minimum monthly wage that got bigger from 1 July and the additionally increased salary fund will ensure higher income to our employees," Chairman of the Lithuania Post Workers Trade Union Svajūnas Andriulis.

The Public Limited Company Lithuania Post runs the widest network of postal access points in Lithuania. Lithuania Post provides postal, logistic, and financial intermediation services.