A Smart Way to Send Postal Correspondence Becomes Increasingly Popular

Nov 10, 2016

A growing number of the country's business companies and organizations uses postal services independently in their offices. This year almost half a million items have already been sent via Lithuania Post electronic self-service system (e-self-service).


"Business clients have been actively using the innovative Lithuania Post electronic self-service system, using which it is possible to prepare postal correspondence items or parcels for sending straight from the office. From now on everyone can independently and without wasting time at a post office prepare postal items for sending and present them to a post office without queuing, or even easier – to hand it to a postman serving your company using only electronic tools. To send a letter with documents or a larger parcel has never been that convenient, fast and simple, " Head of Strategy and Development Department of Lithuania Post Mikas Jovaišas said.

At present, over 5.3 M business companies and organizations are connected to the e-self-service system. It is estimated that Lithuania Post business clients have sent 450 M postal items via the e-self-service system this year. The number of postal items submitted via the electronic self-service system of Lithuania Post increases on the average by 15-12 per cent each month.

The operating principle of e-self service is simple: the business client has to connect to the e-self-service system of Lithuania Post, enter the necessary data online, form a sending order, and affix a special printed sticker on the outgoing postal item. Such a postal item only needs to be handed to the postal worker serving the company or organization, or presented to a post office to be sent. Postal items prepared at e-self-service are accepted without waiting in a queue.

"In the age of information technologies, when more and more public services are being transferred to a virtual space, e-self-service is a more flexible, convenient and economical, in terms of time, way. Due to customer needs, we continue to improve this online service so it would meet our clients' expectations. Soon new functional tools are going to be installed in the e-self-service system for even more convenient autonomous processing of postal items," Mr. Jovaišas said.

It is possible to track status of sent registered postal items in the electronic self-service system of Lithuania Post, also, an addressing error probability is eliminated: entered addresses are verified, postal codes are assigned to items sent in Lithuania, whereas, regarding items sent abroad the system assigns the necessary customs documents and indicates the right way to fill them in.

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