Souvenir sheet promotes Lithuanian museums

Oct 31, 2013

2012 is declared the Year of Museums in Lithuania. On that occasion a new souvenir sheet, “2012, the Year of Museums”, will appear in circulation on May 12.   

The new souvenir sheet which includes a postage stamp of the nominal value of LTL 7 will be issued in edition of 25 thousand copies. The philatelic product was created by the artist Vilius Bručas.

The souvenir sheet “2012, the Year of Museums” features the historically first museum in Lithuania, Baublys, founded by writer Dionizas Poška in Bijotai, Šilalė region, in 1812.

Along with the stamp, the first day cover and the first day sheet will be issued. On Saturday in Bijotai Post Office all letter-post items paid by the new postage stamp will be marked with the first day cancellation.

The first Lithuanian museum was established inside the carved oak trunk and named after the oak itself, Baublys, then about a thousand years old, called so for a roaring sound of the wind (“baubti”) in deep hollows of the trunk. The founder of the museum Poška linked the name Baublys with Bubilas, the ancient Lithuanians deity of honey. 

Poška, the Samogitian nobleman, writer and historian, worked and rested in the Baublys. There he placed items of archeological, historical, and ethnographic significance, the ancient deities’ images, portraits of famous people and more than 200 books.

The material accumulated in the museum attracted interest of scholars and prominent figures of Lithuanian national revival movement. Song festivals, choir performances, and Maydays were staged in the vicinity of the Baublys.

In 1824, another oak trunk was erected next to the Baublys. In 1969, the Baubliai museum was declared the national monument of historical importance.

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