A Special Envelope to the Outstanding Geologist

Oct 31, 2013

Celebrating the 120th birth anniversary of one of the most famous Lithuanian geologists Juozas Dalinkevičius, Lithuania Post has released a special first day cover. Tomorrow, on June 13, Ukmergė Main Post Office will mark postal items with the special cancellation 120th Anniversary of Juozas Dalinkevičius.  

Juozas Dalinkevičius (born 13 June 1893, died 26 February 1980) is an outstanding Lithuanian geologist, geographer, and mineralogist. In 1940, he published his work on Vilnius district geology. The scientist also investigated the range of Cambrian, Ordovician, and Silurian rocks in Lithuania and presented the first stratigraphic scheme of Lithuania’s Quaternary. In 1947, he wrote the work on the mineral resources’ role in the development of industry, analyzed the range of mineral stocks in the geological layer as well as stratification conditions, tectonics, stocks, and usage. He was the first to draw the detailed geological maps of Lithuania. He devoted many efforts to the establishment of the Lithuanian Geology Museum.