The Stamp to Commemorate the Transatlantic Flight of Darius and Girėnas to be Released

Oct 31, 2013

This week marks the 80th anniversary of Darius and Girėnas transatlantic flight. To commemorate this historical event, on Saturday, July 20, Lithuania Post will release a new stamp on the theme The 80th Anniversary of S.Darius and S.Girėnas Transatlantic Flight.

The stamp commemorating the flight with the aircraft Lituanica made by S.Darius and S.Girėnas has been designed by the painter Arūnas Banionis. The stamp will be released in the edition of 160 thousand copies with a nominal value of LTL 2.90.

Along with the stamp, the first day cover will be released. On Saturday, in Kaunas Main Post Office, postal correspondence paid by the new stamp will be marked by the first day cancellation.

On 15 July 1933, 6:24 a.m., the pilots took off from Floyd Bennett Field in New York. The aircraft was supposed to arrive at Kaunas on 17 July, 2-3 a.m. About 25 thousand citizens gathered at Kaunas Aleksotas Airport to meet the national heroes.

Having crossed the Atlantic, due to adverse weather conditions over Ireland, S.Darius and S.Girėnas turned to the North and took the course to Germany via Scotland and the North Sea. While in flight over Berlinchen, the aircraft got caught in the treetops and crashed by the village of Kuhdamm, near Soldin (now the village of Pszczelnik, Poland).

S.Darius and S.Girėnas carried mail from the USA. After the crash, a bag with letters was brought from Soldin to Kaunas. To honour the pilots, these letters in Kaunas Main Post Office were marked by the special cancellation Nugalėję Atlantą žuvo Lietuvos garbei (literary translation: having conquered the Atlantics, died in honour of Lithuania).

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