Stamp honouring the work of S. Kuzma and dedication of doctors

Aug 24, 2017

Lietuvos Paštas continues publishing the series of postage stamps “Contemporary Art of Lithuanians”. A sculptural composition “Lozoriau, kelkis” (English: Lazarus, get up) created by the winner of the national prize Stanislovas Kuzma, which is dedicated to honour vocation of doctors, was chosen to commemorate the branch of visual arts this year. The new postage stamp will appear in circulation this Saturday, the 26th of August.

The painter Indrė Ratkevičiūtė created the postage stamp illustrating the sculpture “Lazarus, get up” of S. Kuzma. The postage stamp with the nominal value of EUR 0.94 will be released in the edition of 40 000.

“Postage stamps travel in various directions of the world accompanying parcels of residents of the country, thus philately is a great way to represent Lithuania. Continuing the publication of the series of stamps for contemporary art of Lithuanians, this time we introduce one of the most prominent sculptors of the country S. Kuzma and his works.

The new postage stamp is aimed not only at introducing the trends of the Lithuanian art, but also encouraging to get acquainted with the development of art of Lithuania” - said Rasa Kruopaitė-Lalienė, the Head of Corporate Affairs Department of Lietuvos Paštas.

The first day cover will also appear in circulation along with the postage stamp “Contemporary Art of Lithuanians. Sculpture”. On Saturday, postal correspondence paid using the new postage stamp will be franked with the first day date seal in the Vilnius Central Post Office.

S. Kuzma created the sculptural composition “Lazarus, get up” in 1989, however it was implemented by his son, also a sculptor, Algirdas Kuzma after his death. Algirdas always assisted his father in the implementation of his creative ideas. A. Kuzma used the drawings and layout of this sculpture left by his father S. Kuzma.

Thanks to the artist, the composition “Lazarus, get up” was built in the courtyard of Vilnius University Hospital Santaros Klinikos last year, expressing the spirit of hope of the diseased, their loved ones and resurrection. It is the symbol of a battle for life and vocation of doctors. 

The sculpture was built in the summer of 2016 from public funds.


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