Stamps with P. Mašiotas and A. Strazdas to Supplement the Set “Famous People”

Oct 31, 2013

The stamp set “Famous People” launched in 1993 this Saturday will be supplemented by two new stamps featuring the outstanding Lithuanian personalities: the poet Antanas Strazdas and the writer Pranas Mašiotas.

The stamps are intended to commemorate the 250th birth anniversary of A. Strazdas and the 150th anniversary of P. Mašiotas. The both postage stamps have been designed by the artist Aušrelė Ratkevičienė.

The nominal value of the stamp featuring Antanas Strazdas (1763-1833) is LTL 1.35, and the nominal value of the stamp featuring Pranas Mašiotas (1863-1940) is LTL 2. Each stamp will be issued in the edition of 80 thousand copies.

Along with the stamps, the first day cover. On Saturday postal correspondence items paid by the new stamps in Vilnius Main Post Office will be marked with the first day cancellation.

Antanas Strazdas is a Lithuanian priest and poet. He studied in Kuršas, later in Krėslava Theological College. From Krėslava he moved to Varniai. After a nine month stay in Varniai, he was ordained as a priest. During his life-time, only one set of poetry “Giesmės svietiškos ir šventos“ (The Psalms Ordinary and Sacred) were published (in 1814). The set consists of 9 poems and 2 psalms. A lot of unpublished poems have spread in the public and become folk songs. One of A. Strazdas‘ psalms “Pulkim ant kelių“ (Down on your Kneels) is still being sung in Lithuanian churches.

Pranas Mašiotas is the children‘s writer, pedagogue, publicists, and culture figure. He started cooperating with the press in 1888 (“Aušra“), and kept working as a publicist until the end of his life. Since 1892, his articles were published in “Varpas“, “Vilniaus žinios” (the years 1905-1906), “Rygos garsas” (1909-1915), “Švietimo garsas” (1920-1924), “Šviesa”, “Vienybė Lietuvninkų”, “Lietuvių laikraštis”, “Lietuva”, children‘s periodicals. In his articles he discussed different topics, but the themes on education, culture, children‘s literature prevailed.

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