Vilnius Main Post Office is Hosting the Exhibition on National Ideology

Oct 31, 2013

The Vilnius Main Post Office is hosting the fifth philatelic exhibition this year. This time, the collection of souvenir envelopes has been presented by the artist Antanas Rimantas Šakalys.

“Postal souvenir envelopes, stamps, and labels that reach the most remote countries may be called small ambassadors representing the Lithuanian nation and demonstrating the country’s achievements. This exhibition is full of national ideology – it presents Lithuanian achievements in the areas of science, art, sport, and warfare,” the author of the exhibition Mr  Šakalys said.

All in all, the exhibition shows almost 500 souvenir envelopes created by the artist. The envelopes reveal such topics as Lithuanian History in the Artist‘s Works, A Hundred People Honoured for the Merits to Lithuania through the Eyes of the Artist, Vilnius Following the Book of Vladas Drėma Dingęs Vilnius (Lost Vilnius), Kaunas, the Capital of Interwar Lithuania.

Mr Šakalys is a wide-range artist. He is the author of graphic works, book illustrations, paintings, exlibrises, designs, plates, and the works of souvenir philately.

The author was born on 1 October 1938 in Pakačinai village in the area of Dusetos. He has graduated from Kaunas School of Applied Art. After service in the Soviet army, he entered the Vilnius Art Institute; however, he has changed his mind after two courses and left to Moscow for studies in the Institute of Cinematography. Then he returned to Vilnius. For some time he gave drawing lessons at Vilnius Engineering Institute and taught the backgrounds of cinema and television art at the Art Institute. In 1974, he was admitted to the Lithuanian Artists’ Association.

The exhibition will be open until 29 September.

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