Vilnius Main Post Office is Hosting a New Exhibition

Oct 31, 2013

Lithuania Post is inviting everyone technically minded to visit Vilnius Main Post Office to see a new philatelic exhibition “Lithuanian Railway Bridges” starting today.

 More than 500 postcards, cards, and photographs featuring the railway bridges in Lithuania are shown in the exhibition of Henrikas Kebeikis, one of the most famous Lithuanian philatelists.

The collection also includes postcards and photographs received from Poland and Russia.

The author of the exhibition H. Kebeikis expressed hope that the exhibition will be interesting both to see and use as an educational means.

There were three stages in the development of Lithuanian railway network. The first stage covers the period from World War I when Lithuania was a part of Russia, and Klaipėda Region belonged to Germany. In this stage, bridges in the territory of Lithuania were built by Russians and Germans.

The second stage covers the period from 1915 until 1918 when Lithuania was under the occupation of Germany. The third stage starts with restoration of independence.

H. Kebeikis has received more than 80 awards for his collections.

The exhibition in Vilnius Main Post Office will be open until February 9. The exhibition’s second part will be shown later.

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