Waiting for the Winter Holidays

Oct 31, 2013

Starting from the beginning of December the flows of Lietuvos paštas started to grow, increasing workload for the postal employees in the whole country.

The approaching season of great winter festivals is both pleasant and intensive period to Lietuvos paštas, as the volumes of mail raise several times.” – said Director General of AB Lietuvos paštas Andrius Urbonas.

In December 2008 – January 2009 about 150 tons of postal items were sent by Lietuvos paštas. According to the manager of the company, in order to handle large quantities of holidays letter mail and to ensure their reception in time both inside the country and abroad, it is important for the senders to send the postcards as soon as possible, much earlier than few days before holidays. Another important issue – correct addressing, suitable packaging of the presents sent, following of other postal rules.

It is expected, that the volumes of holidays letter mail will remain the same this year, that they will spread more evenly in the month due to advance dispatching of greetings by business companies and also citizens, and that the postcards will reach the addressees in time.

„This year the presents might be smaller, or fewer of them, or the table of Christmas celebration might be less loaded, but it is temporary, - said Andrius Urbonas. – Today the dearest gift of all can be the hand written letter with the warmest regards coming straight from the heart. And opposite from the virtual messages – the real letter will never drown in the sea of electronic greetings“.

Just like every year Lietuvos paštas continues its nice tradition – in November the company issued Christmas postage stamps as one of the most important accents for sending of holidays greetings. They are currently available in all post offices. The letter mail sent in the larger cities can be cancelled with special cancel “Kalėdinis paštas” (“Christmas mail”) at the request of senders.

For those looking for particular present – the set of all postage stamps issued in 2009 – is available for ordering in the Internet store.