Warning: shipments abroad are still delayed

May 19, 2020

Although quarantine is easing, postal and logistics services are still facing challenges, resulting in a significant slowdown in the movement of international shipments. AB Lietuvos Paštas is no exception - we are obliged to constantly inform customers about disruptions in the delivery of international postal items. We would like to warn once again those who are sending or planning to send abroad - sending to many countries is longer than usual, and to some countries it is not even possible yet.


Below we provide more detailed information about sending to TOP countries and the changing delivery deadlines in them.

The exceptional situation in the United States. Compared to April last year, shipments to the US increased almost 2.5 times. Usually, the shipment is delivered within 9 business days. In April, the shipments were delivered in an average of 27 days. These days, transportation conditions have changed, so the delivery time can extend up to 10 weeks.

United Kingdom. Shipments to this country increased by 50 percent in April. The usual delivery time is 6 days, but during the quarantine period, it was doubled to 12 days.

Italy. During the quarantine period, shipments to this country increased by as much as 40 percent. Due to the extremely difficult situation in the country, the delivery of the consignment instead of the usual 9-day period has been extended to 22. However, the situation is expected to change in the near future.

Spain. The situation is quite similar to that in Italy, with a delivery time of 8 to 20 days.

France. Although the volume of shipments did not increase as significantly as to other countries - by 18%, the delivery time increased from the usual 7 days to 19.

Russia. Shipments to this country are usually delivered within 12 days, during the quarantine period - within 22. The situation in Russia is not clear, so this deadline may also be extended.

In Germany and Poland, the delivery time changed slightly, several additional days were added - the shipment is delivered in approximately 9 working days.

A full list of countries and information on whether shipping to them is available can be found here.(LT)

We also warn about shipments arriving in Lithuania. Many foreign postal operators face the same disruptions of transportation and postal services listed above, therefore longer transit times are possible not only for outgoing but also for incoming postal items to Lithuania.

We will inform you as soon as the situation changes. We apologize again for the inconvenience.