Waste Batteries will be Further Collected at Post Offices

Oct 31, 2013

Lithuania Post will further cooperate with the company “Žalvaris“, and is encouraging residents to pay a special attention to waste batteries. Residents can dispose of waste and unnecessary batteries at any post office in Lithuania.

“Waste batteries have been collected at post offices since 2011. While participating in this project we have noticed that waste sorting is the public’s issue of interest. Last year we collected more than a half ton of waste batteries; hence, each post office has accepted about 10kg of batteries. We hope that residents will further demonstrate their environmental concern, and will be active in waste sorting”, Head of Lithuania Post’s Maintenance Department Algirdas Činikas said.

“We are glad that the number of points accepting waste batteries and voltaic cells is increasing. I believe residents will find it convenient to bring waste batteries to post offices and dispose of them ecologically”, Sigitas Ašmonas, the company’s UAB Žalvaris Director of Commerce, said.

Special boxes for waste batteries disposal will be available at all post offices except for mobile ones. The boxes will be put in well seen and accessible places. The collected batteries will be later recycled.

Environment specialists say that batteries and accumulators may contain hazardous materials: lead (Pb), cadmium (Cd), hydrargyrum (Hg); therefore, the disposal of hazardous waste in the general waste stream is strictly forbidden. Unsorted hazardous waste, when appears in dumps along with the general waste, may penetrate to the soil, contaminate groundwater, and make harm to the environment and humans‘ health. Therefore, it is essentially important to separate such waste and dispose of it in special places.

More information on points collecting waste batteries is available at,, and

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