White and Snowy Christmas in Festive Lithuania Post Stamps

Nov 17, 2016

Lithuania Post announces the upcoming biggest holidays of the year by issuing stamps dedicated to Christmas and the New Year. White Lithuanian winter will be memorialized in Christmas postage stamps.

Two new postage stamps designed for Christmas and the New Year will decorate postal correspondence during a holiday season. One stamp depicts rural forest landscape, while the other pictures winter in the old town of Vilnius – the capital of Lithuania. They were created by the artist Dovydas Baksys.

"During a pre-Christmas period, the flow of postal items in Lithuania and to foreign countries increases significantly. We wish that postal items would be entirely festive before Christmas, therefore, we traditionally issue postal stamps designated for Christmas and the New Year, one is intended to be sent in Lithuania and the other – to foreign countries," Head of Corporate Affairs Department of Lithuania Post Rasa Kruopaite-Laliene said.

The nominal value of the stamp intended for domestic items is EUR 0.39 and it is going to be issued in the edition of 400 thousand copies. Postage stamps designated for foreign countries, with the nominal value of EUR 0.81, are going to be issued in the edition of 50 thousand copies.

Postage stamps dedicated to Christmas were put in circulation on 12 October.

Along with the festive postage stamps, the first day cover was released.

In the course of a year, Lithuania Post issues on average 25-27 postage stamps. Lithuania Post also provides courier, logistic, and financial intermediation services.