The Young Philatelists are Introduced a Stamp Collecting Starter Kit

Oct 31, 2013

With the beginning of the new school year, Lithuania Post is inviting all children to discover a new hobby and become philatelists. Lithuania Post has issued a special set of stamps for young collectors.

“Stamp collecting is really interesting activity which is also useful to children. It develops the child’s world-view as the young philatelist starts showing interest in various themes featured on postage stamps; the activity inspires the child’s imagination, increases concentration, and develops independence.

Our aim is raise a new generation of philatelists, young and full of enthusiasm; therefore, we have issued a set of stamps intended specially for children,” Lithuania Post’s Head of Philatelic Department Ervinas Vaišnoras said.

The set for the young philatelists contains postage stamps featuring animals, plants, birds, windmills, and other interesting objects. The set also includes a special pincete enabling to take petit stamps and put them into the intended place in the set.

According to Mr Vaišnoras, the pincete and album for storing stamps are the first tools for the start of stamp collecting. The stamps can be collected according to various themes: sports, nature, heroes of fairy tales, vehicles, technical achievements, and etc. When the collection of Lithuanian stamps is full, Mr Vaišnoras recommends the children to look what stamps on the same topic have been issued in other countries.

The philatelic set for children is available for purchase at the main post offices in Lithuanian cities and towns and the ones established in shopping centres.

In the course of a year, Lithuania Post issues on average 25-30 stamps. Lithuania Post also provides courier, logistic, and financial intermediation services.