In cooperation with representatives from various fields (art, culture) we arrange lectures for children, excursions in post offices, and drawing contests for schoolchildren on postal themes (The Post and Me in 2013, To the World through the Post in 2012).

Jorigė Buržinskaitė, 10 years of age, V. Krėvė Gymnasium in Merkinė

Gabrielė Baužaitė, 13 years of age, A. Stulginskis Gymnasium in Kaltinėnai

At post offices we arrange philatelic exhibitions to introduce to the public various philatelic products.

We are among the organisers of the national stage of the international letter-writing competition. Every year children are invited to write letters in various topics:

  • Write a letterdescribing how music can touch lives (2014);
  • Writesomeone a letter explaining why water is a precious resource (2013);
  • Write a letter to an athlete or sports figure you admire to explain what the Olympic Games mean to you (2012)

In the international letter-writing competition of 2013, the theme of which was ‘Writesomeone a letter explaining why water is a precious resource‘,the Universal Postal Union and UNESCO, the organizers, awarded a 13-year-old Gabija Petrauskaitė with a bronze prize.

In 2013, we concluded agreements with Vilnius Gediminas Technical University and Kaunas University of Technology to make our contribution to cooperation between companies, universities, and students in order to prepare qualified Lithuanian specialists and thus to create added value both to the science and businesses in Lithuania. The students of the universities have all necessary conditions to do their practical work with Lithuania Post, write papers from the postal sphere, take part in the excursions arranged by Lithuania Post, and acquire knowledge of peculiarities of business theory and practice.

Traditionally, we invite to Lithuania Post participants of the project Schoolchildren to the Government. The aim of the project is to encourage graduates of Lithuanian schools to show interest in the activities of state institutions, work of politicians, and to become active citizens.