Ecological campaign DAROM

Every year since 2011 Lithuania Post has been participating in the cleaning campaign DAROM. By joining this social initiative we wish to demonstrate that the team of Lithuania Post consists of responsible employees who are determined to live, work, and spend time in clean environment.

Souvenir cancellation made for the campaign DAROM (the year 2013)

Electric car

One of the most important environmental projects implemented in 2012 - the transport fleet supplemented by electric vehicle Tazzari Zero. This vehicle is 5 times more economical than other cars used by Lithuania Post. By using the electric car, the employees of Lithuania Post contribute to the preservation of nature: contrary to conventional or hybrid cars electric cars do not emit harmful CO2 gasses causing greenhouse effect.

Acceptation of disposable batteries

In cooperation with the company Žalvaris, since 2011 we have been accepting used and disposable batteries that are further handed over for recycling. We support the waste sorting idea and make all efforts to prevent hazardous waste from appearing in the dumping ground along with other household waste.

Our employees believe it is important to preserve nature and safeguard the environment. This idea is put into practice by saving water, electricity, and paper thus contributing to responsible consumption of natural resources (the Company’s campaign Žaliai ir atsakingai (Greenly and Responsibly)).