Fostering of nationality

The Lithuanian language is inseparable from the company‘s activities. We have been delivering letters and parcels sent by citizens to relatives and friends residing both in Lithuania and abroad for almost one hundred years. Letters serve as one of means enabling to maintain relations with Lithuanians in emigration and preserve the Lithuanian language and nationality. By holding these values in high esteem, for several recent years we have been contributing to the organization of the National Dictation Contest uniting Lithuanians all around the world and inviting to check the Lithuanian language knowledge and to compete for the title of the most literate person.

On the occasion of public holidays, anniversaries, or other dates and events important to the state, we issue special postcards that are disseminated free of charge at post offices to send greetings to relatives and friends residing abroad.

Special postcards dedicated to public holidays in Lithuania (2014)

Special postcards dedicated to Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union (2013)

Being the sponsor (since 2012) of the project Lietuvos skydas (The Shield of Lithuania) we express support to the Project Steering Group aiming to collect information on the most prominent emigrants to be honoured for reinforcement of Lithuanian Statehood and a wish to vividly remind that we, Lithuanians, are able to be strong, prominent, and significant. To commemorate the initiate, a symbolic sculpture of the Shield of Lithuania is going to be unveiled lately this year in Druskininkai.

On the 6th of July 2012, the Statehood Day, Lithuania Post invited Lithuanians worldwide to sing the National Anthem. Lithuania Post contributed to this unique tradition by releasing a special cancellation the marks of which, seen on cancelled items, invited the Lithuanians worldwide to sing the National Anthem.

In 2012, Lithuania Post became the sponsor of the project Pasaulio lietuvių jaunimo susitikimas 2012 (Meeting of World Lithuanian Youth 2012) that received much attention from the public. Specially for the first meeting ever of world Lithuanian youth, Lithuania Post has designed a special souvenir cancellation for use at Vilnius Main Post Office to mark postal correspondence.

The history of Lithuania as well as personalities, the statehood, and citizenship are the themes featured on postage stamps and other philatelic products.