Addressed direct mail

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Are you striving to have your items delivered to the right persons? Or planning to get involved into mail-order selling?

Envelopes, catalogues, samples, books, DVD disks and many other types of forms can be sent by mail as addressed direct mail items.

With the help of addressed direct mail service, you can attract new customers, retain the existing ones and boost their activity.


Addressed direct mail items can help you to:

  • Inform your target segment of products and services.
  • Increase sales and attract potential customers.
  • Retain current customers.
  • Inspire loyalty from the customers‘ side.
  • Generate volumes of retail sales or the Internet users.
  • Prompt to try your product.
  • Carry out mail-order selling.

Addressed direct mail items make an inseparable part of your marketing mix. A directly addressed advertising gives feedback from the customer and reduces costs. Therefore, it is important to produce and store information about the company’s customers which give positive feedback to advertising campaigns related with the services or products offered by your company.

Technical specifications

Addressed direct mail items are sent to particular persons. At the minimum, 1001 items may be ordered. Distribution is performed in the course of 5 days. Addressed direct mail items must bear the sender‘s and addressee‘s addresses. A sample can be reviewed here.

Appearance of your advertising

Remember that your aims are to be noticed and receive feedback from customers. Addressed direct mail items are used to attract the customers’ attention.

Instead of sending standard envelopes, try sending advertising packages, catalogues, and samples of more attractive appearance. You can even make designs unusual in shape, more colorful and catchy.

Important to know:
  • Your order can be completed and submitted here.
  • A manager will contact you to provide with additional information and make arrangements regarding the order.
  • It is recommended to sign a contact for multiple orders.
  • Submit your addressed direct mail items as set in the order agreed with the manager to the indicated unit of AB Lietuvos paštas not earlier than 2 business days in advance.
  • When delivering items to the unit of AB Lietuvos paštas indicated in the order, please present a waybill available here.
Additional services
  • Preparation of addressed direct mail items.
  • Printing and enveloping of advertising leaflets, putting into plastic bags or boxes.
  • Printing of labels.
  • Sticking of labels.
  • Logistics of addressed direct mail items and delivery to addressees.

For further information on direct mail services please call +370 5 274 4138, 239 8309 in Vilnius or e-mail to