Unaddressed direct mail

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You must be aware that you can find a customer behind every door. Reach them at home or office.  Inform them of your services, products, promotions and discounts available.

Leaflets, brochures, postcards, coupons, magazines, small-size newspapers, menus, samples – they all can be distributed by Lithuania Post as unaddressed mail.

Irrespective of the company’s size or activity type, unaddressed direct mail can help you retain current and attract new customers.

  • Fast and reliable information about your products or services.
  • Growing number of potential buyers.
  • Rising sales.
  • Expanding number of customers.
  • Feedback from customers.
  • Increasing awareness of your business.

We can reach any resident in any place of Lithuania. Select a customer segment in a relevant geographical location and delivery mode (or target group):

  • Residents of private houses.
  • Residents of blocks of flats.
  • Companies, institutions, organizations.
Technical specifications

Distribution terms:

Submission of advertising items to the post office (offices) of the distribution area 2–3 business days*
Submission of advertising items to Mail Sorting Department 3–4 business days*

* No distribution is carried out on Sundays in urban and rural areas; in rural areas distribution is not carried out on Mondays.

Appearance of your advertising materials

Keep in mind that your aim is to be noticed and receive feedback from customers. The purpose of advertising leaflets is to catch attention of possible customers. Therefore, instead of ordinary advertising materials, try sending leaflets unusual in size or form; make them more colourful and catchy.

Limits of size for unaddressed direct mail*:

  Length (mm) Width (mm) Weight (g)
Min  105   74  up to 7
Max  297**  210**  up to 70

* Limits of size may be subject to negotiations.

** A3 format is allowed if folded into A4 format.

Important to know:
  • Complete and submit your order. The form of the order is available here.
  • A manager will contact you to provide with additional information and make arrangements regarding the order.
  • It is recommended to sign a contact for multiple orders.
  • Submit your advertising leaflets as set in the order agreed with the manager to the indicated unit of AB Lietuvos paštas not earlier than 4 business days in advance.
  • When delivering items to the unit of AB Lietuvos paštas indicated in the order, please present a waybill available here.

The Customer is fully responsible for the content of unaddressed advertising, form and manner of delivery, tags, trademarks, drawings, notes, etc. The Customer confirms that he is aware that alcohol advertising is prohibited in the Republic of Lithuania and ensures that no advertisements of alcohol are advertised in unaddressed advertising. If the Customer violates requirements of the Alcohol Control of the Republic of Lithuania Law, the Client commits to pay a fine of 600 (six hundred) euros for each violation and compensate any Contractor losses that is not covered by the fine.

Important documents:

If you wish to have your unaddressed direct mail distributed in the whole territory of Lithuania, please call +370 5 239 1606 or e-mail to

I run a company engaged into home appliance repairing service. With the help of unaddressed direct mail distributed via the network of Lithuania Post I reach potential customers. This type of advertising is very effective in case of small companies because it makes direct contact with the customer possible.

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