Letter-post services

You can calculate the postage price here.

All items weighing less than 2kg are treated as letter-post items. Letter-post items can be posted to addressees in Lithuania or other countries from any post office.

Insurance of items
  • Insure your postal items against incidents, and you will be entitled to receive compensation for a damaged or lost item. The amount of the compensation equals to the value of the contents and postage combined.
  • The insurance service can be ordered for registered domestic and international* items.
  • The maximum insured value is EUR 1 158.48.
  • To ensure safety of his own and other items, the sender must use durable packing materials.
  • The insurance service may be purchased for part of the contents. In case part of articles contained in an insured item are lost or damaged, the compensation would be calculated summing up the postage and the insured value of the lost or damaged articles listed in the description of the articles sent. In such a case, the compensation amount will not exceed the insured value set for the entire insured item.
  • The insured value may not exceed the actual value of the contents. The sender can be prosecuted in case the stated value of the contents exceeds the actual value of the item.

*On condition that the country of destination provides the insurance service.

Sizes of items:

Letter-post items sent via Lithuania Post fall under two formats:

  • Small letter-post item
    • Maximum weight: 500g.
    • Maximum dimensions: 20mm in height, 381mm in length, and 305mm in width.
    • A small-letter post should have a surface measuring not less than 90x140mm with a tolerance of 2mm.
  • Large letter-post item
    • Maximum weight: 2kg.
    • The sum of length, width, and height may not exceed 900mm, and the greatest dimension may not exceed 600mm with a tolerance of 2mm.
    • In roll form: the length plus twice the diameter may not exceed 1040mm, and the greatest dimension may not exceed 900mm with a tolerance of 2mm.
Priority and non-priority items:
  • According to need, priority or non-priority delivery option can be chosen.
  • Priority and non-priority items differ in terms of mailing time. Priority items reach the addressee quicker.
  • In case of priority letter-post items sent in Lithuania, the label “Prioritaire/Pirmenybinė“ should be affixed  on the address side, in the top left-hand corner or beneath the sender’s name and address. The envelopes with the pre-printed marks “Prioritaire/Pirmenybinė” are available for purchase at post offices. If these envelopes are used, no additional labels are needed.
Registered and non-registered items:
  • According to need, registered and non-registered items can be sent.
  • Non-registered items are delivered to the addressee’s mail box for incoming deliveries. Registered items are delivered to the addressee in person.
  • International registered letter-post items are always sent by registered mail.
Important to know:
  • Residents and business clients sending letter-post items are strongly recommended to submit them for posting no later than the time indicated in post offices or on public letter-boxes. Letter-post items deposited later than the time indicated will be sent on the next working day of the post office.

Should you have any questions related to the letter-post service please feel free to contact us by any means you prefer.

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