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Customers of AB Lietuvos paštas can send and receive various items or goods by mail – these postal items are called postal parcels.

Insurance of items
  • Insure your postal items against incidents, and you will be entitled to receive compensation for a damaged or lost item. The amount of the compensation equals to the value of the contents and postage combined.
  • The insurance service can be ordered for registered domestic and international* items.
  • The maximum insured value is EUR 1 158.48.
  • To ensure safety of his own and other items, the sender must use durable packing materials.
  • The insurance service may be purchased for part of the contents. In case part of articles contained in an insured item are lost or damaged, the compensation would be calculated summing up the postage and the insured value of the lost or damaged articles listed in the description of the articles sent. In such a case, the compensation amount will not exceed the insured value set for the entire insured item.
  • The insured value may not exceed the actual value of the contents. The sender can be prosecuted in case the stated value of the contents exceeds the actual value of the item.

*On condition that the country of destination provides the insurance service.

  • Possibility to send and receive parcels.
  • Possibility to choose the item type (ordinary or insured) according to individual needs.
  • Postal parcels can be sent to many countries.
Important to know:
Mailing details:
  • Insured parcels are assigned a special bar code number which allows them to be tracked at each mailing stage. The addressee of the parcel is required to sign. In case of damage or loss of the item the sender is indemnified the specified value of the item and mailing costs.
  • Ordinary parcels are not subject to special formalities. These parcels are sent without making entries in mailing documents and are delivered to the addressee's mailbox without a signature. 

I often send various items by post to my daughter’s family in Ireland, because sometimes the goods we have in Lithuania are not available abroad. Sending items from Lithuania is convenient and easy – this service is provided in all post offices. Moreover, quite large parcels can be sent at one time.

Janina (56) from Radviliškis District