Postal items

For more information please call +370 700 5540

Based on cooperation agreement between Lithuania Post and the company, postal services are provided to all branches or units of the company, and settlements are made according to a single invoice issued for services provided at any post office.

AB Lietuvos paštas offers postal item service to enterprises, institutions or organisations. Having signed a cooperation agreement between AB Lietuvos paštas and the enterprise, the postal services would be rendered to all branches or subdivisions of the enterprise and settlements would be made against a joint VAT invoice issued for services rendered to all braches of the given enterprise in any post office of AB Lietuvos paštas.

  • VAT invoice issued to the customer is accompanied by a detailed report on the postal services used by each branch of the enterprise.
Important to know:
  • If you send postal items in large quantities in Lithuania or abroad – we offer you to obtain a permitfor sending licensed postal items. If you have this permit you do not need to put postage stamps on the envelopes because they will bear the mark “SUMOKĖTA” (Paid) for postal items sent in Lithuania or “PORT PAYE” – for postal items sent abroad.
  • You can enclose response-letters to the postal items sent to your customers or private persons which can be returned to you by addressees of postal items or periodicals free of charge.

Additional information can be obtained by calling +370 700 55400 in Vilnius or in the nearest central post office.