Parcel postage prices as from 1 July 2018

The prices are applied to contractual customers only. The prices for non-contractual customers are available here.

Sending parcels in Lithuania

POSTAL Service price per parcel, in eur
excl. VAT in EUR incl. VAT in EUR**
Price per parcel 3.60 4.36
Additional charge for each full or incomplete kilogram 0.70 0.85
Parcel insurance 1.30 1.57

NOTE: Postal parcels marked with “Encombrant” (“Bulky”) are subject to an additional charge of EUR 1.20 exclusive of VAT (EUR 1.45 inclusive of VAT) and a charge of EUR 0.07 exclusive of VAT (EUR 0.09 inclusive of VAT) for each full or incomplete kilogram.

Updated 2018-07-01