Q&A about domestic items


How can I find out the best tariff for my company to post letters?

It is very important that our all customers receive services of the highest quality. The basic tariffs for postal services can be found here. We are striving to meet expectations of every customer; therefore, our managers will prepare you an offer responding to your needs best.

Item weight and dimensions

The maximum weight of domestic letter-post items is 2kg, and the weight of domestic parcels may not exceed 30kg. You can check the maximum weight for international letter-post items here, and for parcels here.

Letter-post items fall under two formats:

Who is entitled to collect the postal item addressed to me?

Only the addressee whose name is given on the postal item can collect, after presenting his/her valid ID, the item from the post office.

The postal staff can give the postal item to another (authorized) person on condition that the person has a valid ID and proxy, or a valid ID and a ten-digit proxy identification code (should the proxy has been received online and registered with the Register of Proxies).

The following proxies are considered to be properly certified and shall be accepted:

How many days are postal items stored at the post office if I do not collect them at once?

After receipt of the notice K 11, it is recommended to arrive at the post office to collect the item as soon as possible - postal items weighting above 500g are stored free of charge for a period of 15 calendar days from delivery of the notice K 11. After the expiry of this term, a charge of EUR 0.87 per day is applied. When collecting the item you will have to pay the charge for storing your item (postal items are stored for a period given in the notice K 11). In the event the addressee does not collect the item within the indicated period, the item is returned to the sender.

Feedback about work of postal staff

We pay special attention to the quality of customer service. We regularly check and supervise the work of our staff. We would like you to share your opinion both positive and negative of customer service at post offices in Lithuania.
Please include some details of your experience - satisfaction with customer service level, place of service, date and the employee’s name (if known).

What items can be tracked and traced online at

With the item tracking system accessible through our website, you can track items sent to addressees in Lithuania and foreign countries.

Can I rent a post office box at a post office? How much does it cost?

You can rent a post office box at any post office providing such a service.

What does happen with incorrectly addressed postal items?

When the item is found to be “no one’s”, i.e. neither the addressee nor the sender collects it, Lithuania Post follows The Rules on Handing Over, Accounting, Storage, Realization, Return and Attribution to Waste of No One’s, Confiscated, Inherited by the State, Handed Over to the State’s Income Property. In such cases undelivered postal items are return to the origin post office for storage for a period of 1 month. After expiry of this term, items are attributed to undelivered postal items and are sent for storage to Lithuania Post’s repository.

I often receive postal items addressed to another person. What should I do?

If you receive postal items addressed to another person, just inform us and we will try to find a solution to this problem. Maybe those letters are sent to a person who used to live at your address. According to the Postal Law of the Republic of Lithuania, postal items must be delivered to the indicated address, not the indicated person.

In such a case, return the item to us:


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